The jewellery maison of Lulu Kachoo was born from a rich vein of high jewellery heritage and craft. The maison's founder, Lulu, has had a lifetime's education in the study of precious gemstones and the process for extracting the utmost beauty from this naturally occurring treasure. She was immersed in the craft and design of high jewellery during her childhood as she learnt the finest techniques and sourcing methods from her mother, a jewellery designer of nearly 50 years.

Lulu Kachoo was founded with a vision to deliver the most elegant bridal pieces to a young and vibrant clientele. The focus is always on the gemstones and drawing out their natural beauty. Colours that catch the eye are an obvious trait within Lulu's designs, specialising in precious gemstones and in particular coloured varieties. The characteristics that are always noticeable within Lulu's designs are injections of youth and fashion, conscious to maintain an element of timelessness.

Bridal jewellery is where the maison of Lulu Kachoo finds it's roots, but by no means is it seen as a limitation. Many creative visions of our clients have been brought to life by the team of skilled and experienced goldsmiths and gem-sourcers specifically procured by Lulu herself. There is nothing too fantastical or elaborate.


All our designs are handmade in London by the finest goldsmiths. London's history as a great hub of trade leaves a legacy in precious metals and gemstones that cannot be found elsewhere. Britain's empire spanned some of the most notable sources of mineral deposits, from lustrous gold to the deepest red rubies. There is no better environment in which to transform the riches of the world into something ornamental.

Lulu Kachoo draws inspiration from the world's finest fashion houses with the aim to create youthful, yet timeless designs. The gemstones are the real attraction within any design, Lulu Kachoo aims to compliment them with a subtle and elegant setting. We let the stones do the talking. Something that has taken many millennia to form under the Earth's natural stresses and movements should only be shaped to accentuate it's natural beauty. It is almost impossible to improve the quality of a stone, but it is incredibly easily spoilt.

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